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A dissertation proposal puts forth the outlined structure of multiple chapters through which a researcher provides a clear and comprehensive argument that is proposed as a response to an initial set of questions regarding his/her proposed study. This extensive piece of research needs special attention, as it is the building block of a complete dissertation project. Without the approval received by a proposal, one cannot proceed with a study.

A researcher must present a convincing proposal before the university officials in order to get a nod to his/her research. It should be clear, precise, and argumentative, as well as should answer all the questions of a dissertation committee. In dissertation proposals, you have to write about the plausible scope of research. It will cover topics like:

  • what is the purpose of your study;
  • Whom will it benefit;
  • How will the proposed benefit reach the society (or the target group);
  • How will the obtained findings fill in the existing research gap;
  • What will be the methodology to perform the proposed research;
  • And how will the research contribute to an academic domain.

How we help you develop a winning proposal

We, at Scoring High, can make a positive contribution to your proposal, as we make up a devoted team of writers for an array of subjects. Our team can adroitly develop an all-inclusive document that enlightens the brief outline of all the necessary sections of your research. The dedication of our experts has made Scoring High a name of quality, trust, and prompt delivery serving students with its dissertation proposal writing help for UK universities.

With the help of our professionals, you can develop a unique, convincing, and winning proposal that may fetch you an instant approval for your proposed research. Our writers help you follow the proposal development guidelines given by your institution. They also help you comply with the formatting and linguistic styles suggested to you. To keep your work structured according to these institutional guidelines, we make sure that you document does not cross the given word limit and explains the required elements or sections briefly and crisply.

Our writers ensure to provide complete clarity to your proposal so it becomes logical and meaningful. They also help you by highlighting your proposed study’s significance and likely contributions to your academic domain. Thus, you receive a flawless document that leaves your readers thinking and expecting more from the actual study. Below, we provide a tentative structure that we can help you follow for a proposal.

The dissertation proposal structure

A convincing proposal, which is a blend of academic significance, thorough analysis, and research viability, can be prepared with the inclusion of the enlisted sections:

  • Research Topic – An original, unique, and viable topic that portrays a clear picture of your research field.
  • Research Objectives – A clear purpose of your academic exploration, citing your aims, research problems being studied, and its estimated contribution to the chosen discipline.
  • Review of Literature – A detailed review of the existing literature in the targeted domain of study that supports your research questions and chosen methodology.
  • Research Methodology – Justify the strategies and approaches you have planned to use for your proposed study.
  • Findings and Analysis – Outline the likely findings you would achieve while conducting your exploration.
  • Discussion and Conclusion – Synthesise your study findings and explain how they relate to your objectives.

If you feel you are having problems in designing your proposal, then our experts can easily resolve your issues with the above-mentioned structure. They can help you deal with every aspect of your proposal or synopsis that prevents you from creating an impressive document. Proposal writing is indeed a challenging task and a helping hand of an experienced professional can simplify your work to a much larger extent. To know more about our dissertation proposal writing help for UK universities, just email us at info@scoringhigh.co.uk.

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